improve your results with video

increase sales, capture new customers, strengthen your brands

Video: Quickly Improve Your Results for Campaigns and Online Sales


Using Video was once reserved for the Gods.
Before the Digital Revolution, it was only for "Mad Men" & their expensive TV ads.

Not any more.

wHAT are some of the benefits of Digital Video?

62% of consumers

watch product review videos before making a purchase

76% of marketers
76% reported video helped them increase sales

80% higher conversions
results from including a video on your landing page

What types of video improve results?

Launch Videos↓
Gain added impact & memorability
Cofidis 4xcard | 2019


Success Story↓
Case Videos are great for events, pitches & social media
e-Commerce Results, Tienda Lacasa | 2020


Campaign Trailer ↓
Make a splash externally, celebrate your results internally
Lacasa Christmas Promotion | 2019


Showcase Innovation ↓
Highlight new strategies. In this case, Drag & Drop, Narrative Forms
Derby Hotels Collection | 2016


Explainer Videos
Quickly show key benefits of products & services
CatalunyaCaixa Bank | 2015


e-Commerce Marketing ↓
Drive traffic to your online store & raise conversions
Unilever Spain | 2015


Social Media Shorts ↓
Get your message across fast! Such "snackable" content is viral.
Voice Search & Voice Marketing | 2019



Innovation with Drones ↓
Get adventurous: Take your brand higher! 
Merrell · SWP Studio | 2020


Testimonials and Interviews ↓
A more personal look at your business
Affinità Italy | 2017


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