Two Basic Steps


A Customer-First Focus & Smart Data
will quickly increase your ROI:

  • Identify Profitable Customers
  • Understand Digital Lifestyle
  • Use Marketing Automation
  • Create Smart eCommerce
  • Prepare for Visual & Voice Search

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Step 1
Who Are Your Best Customers?

Despite so much Technology, the first priority is to focus on the 20% of clients who cause 80% of your business. Understanding their Digital Lifestyle and reaching them with Omnichannel solutions is critical. Your Smart eCommerce should keenly interprete KPIs, yet always anticipate very human needs at the same time.

Step 2
Understand Digital Lifestyle

No one's chained to PCs now. We flow freely in a sea of information 24/7: using Wearables to track fitness, expecting real-time, personalised service in our Micromoments, and depending on Alexa in our daily lives.

Voice & Visual Search are becoming essential to stay relevant as brands.

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Where Is Waldo?

Once you've found "Waldo", your most profitable Customer, use every opportunity to know her better, constantly optimising your targeting


Maximise Your Budget

Content creation might end up being expensive. "Buyer Persona" profiles help you to focus, so you get the best results for every Euro that you invest. Relevance is the key to ROI!

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Paul Fleming

Founder, Barcelona Virtual

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"Knowing ‘Waldo’ helps you to focus limited resources, budgets and headcount on targeting precisely those Customer+Fans who power your business.

Your Brand will only be relevant and profitable if you invest time, interest, resources (and yes, money) in deeply understanding the Digital Lifestyle of this critical 20% that causes 80% of your turnover."

Luis Roman

CMO, Chocolates Lacasa


"Since Barcelona Virtual completely redesigned our online store from scratch, their new strategy and customised technical solution have produced excellent results for us.

Thanks to their constant Data Analysis, Funnel improvements and Marketing initiatives, sales more than doubled in the first year."

The Personal Cybersphere

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